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Handmade in the USA, our D-series cabinets and speakers are true to EDEN's ongoing dedication to providing the best possible quality cabinets on the market. Our speakers are meticulously crafted to our historical spec by Eminence, the world's leading loudspeaker manufacturer, and just a short car ride away from where they are loaded with pride into our hand crafted cabinets. D series cabinets offer a truly professional touring cabinet solution in a variety of formats to suit players needs.

  • A compact 1x12" that is built for travel and designed to deliver.
    Article nr: 2828118
  • Classic bottom end with great detail and transient response. 8 ohm
    Article nr: 2828528
  • 2x10" Cabinet with enhanced bass response. 4 Ohm.
    Article nr: 2828214
  • 2x12" huge low end with surprising clarity in the mids and highs. 4 Ohm
    Article nr: 2828314
  • The optimal cabinet choice for a variety of situations 8 ohm
    Article nr: 2828428
  • Great focused tone with exceptional clarity. 4 ohm
    Article nr: 2828414
  • The flagship professional cabinet preferred by touring artists
    Article nr: 2828834


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