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Metropolis Models

Who said that quality had to have a big price tag?

The Hagstrom Metropolis is a revolutionary hybrid of a single cut body, infused with a bolt-on neck. The Metropolis's resonant and light weight body will satisfy those that demand a comfortable and versatile instrument that will lighten the loadĀ off a working musician's back, while allowing fatter and lively tones at the flick of a switch. Each pickup provides a clear and energized tone, perfect string separation, distinguished harmonics, as each component contributes a special ingredient in submitting the Metropolis's true and extraordinary tone. The Hagstrom Metropolis-C will tantalize players searching for prominent humbucking tones that will provide detailed sparkle and an extended range of harmonics. The Metropolis-S delivering a bright and jangly tone that will satisfy any gigging musicians needs to deliver anything from sparkling country to spanking punk all wrapped up in one package.



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