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Musicians are constantly looking for new products and resources to develop their playing skills. Guitarists will get his needs met here.
  • The legendary modulation effect unit, reborn under the supervision of the developer of the original model! Reappearing after more than half a century, it's the Nuvibe.


    • Resurrected under the supervision of the developer of the original model! New features for today‚Äôs musicians have been added.
    • Discrete design using 79 transistors. The CdS photoresistor that lies at the heart of the sound is simulated by an original circuit using transistors.
    • The WAVE sliders allow users to create their own LFO waveforms
    • New buffer circuit designed by the developer of the original model
    • Battery operation is also supported (six AA batteries allow up to four hours of operation)
    • True bypass design that was not provided on the original model
    • Dedicated expression pedal is included, allowing the modulation effect to be controlled
    • Unlatch switch bypasses the internal circuitry when the effect is off
    Article nr: 8020800
  • Pandora Stomp - the compact multi-effect unit overflowing with options. The highly acclaimed Pandora modeling multi-effect processor is now available in a sturdy die-cast body with a highly visible tuner.


    • An amazing 158 types of amps and effects powered by "REMS" modeling technology
    • Use up to seven types of effects simultaneously for seemingly endless options
    • In addition to 200 preset programs that include numerous stage-ready song preset programs, you can save 200 editable user programs
    • 100 rhythm patterns including a metronome, ideal for jam sessions and training
    • Auto tuner with easily readable LED meter and backlit LCD for excellent visibility, even in dark locations
    Article nr: 8020530


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