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  • Active Snare System for 14" Snare Drum. An innovative alternative to the "snappy snare" uses an anodized aluminum carrier to pre-tension the wires.
    Article nr: 8467000
  • Index Tension Tuners for Floor Toms. Heavy playing will not move the bearings from their position. 4-pce pack.
    Article nr: 8467314
  • PROTORQ Precision Drumkey. A combination of a torque wrench and drum key that allows players to pre-select a tension level for tuning any drum.
    Article nr: 8467350
  • DSM-2. Clamp Mount for any mountable percussion instrument. Mountable at a comfortable playing angle.
    Article nr: 8467902
  • Square Hand Chacha Bell. Perfect for those Latin and World rhythms using both the front and back of the bell.
    Article nr: 8469040


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