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Arturia hits us with three major product announcements

New products 2018

NAMM 2018 is just around the corner and Arturia has already hit us with a triple launch. Three fantastic products has been launched in the same number of days. It all revolves around thier new take on their immensly successful MiniBrute: the reimagined MiniBrute 2. These are truly products designed for musicians by musicians.

MiniBrute 2

A 25-key analog monosynth which now features semi-modular architecture, adding a comprehensive CV/Gate patch matrix that. Users can now rework its internal signal routing, and also expand into the blossoming world of modular. It has also inherited the high quality, aftertouch-enabled keybed from their flagship MatrixBrute synth, making it a joy to play.


MiniBrute 2S

You will find the same signal creation, sound shaping power, and modular capabilities as can be found in the new MiniBrute 2 but it replaces the keyboard with a set of performance pads as well as an advanced multi layered sequencer which let you store not only your music but also parameter automation, making your music really come alive.



A dedicated Eurorack case – in two sizes – crafted from sturdy steel and aluminium, with many innovative enhancements. Each unit features a dedicated power module to keep your precious gear supplied with power and the handle can be calibrated to act as a multi-position stand, letting you use your Eurorack modules in whatever position you find most comfortable.




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