HT Venue MkIII

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Multi-award winning valve line raises the benchmark again!

Boutique Cleans and Modern Overdrives

HT Venue is renowned for combining class-leading boutique cleans with modern high gain overdrives without compromise. The Clean channel, though simple in appearance, offers vast versatility in producing classic clean and crunch tones. Both Voices utilise an ECC83 / 12AX7 valve exclusively for producing any valve compression or crunch. The Overdrive channels have evolved from the original Series One range. The topology shares the same basic building blocks in the gain structure and tonal shaping and includes the cascaded gain stages of an ECC83 / 12AX7 double triode valve.

Two distinct Voices on each channel

Each Voice is far more than a minor tweak to the sound. With HT Venue MK III, each Voice switch introduces comprehensive circuit alterations in both preamp and power amp to recreate authentic reference tones without compromise. This includes EQ voicing, tone stack position in the circuit, the gain, and power amp damping. Achieve diverse tonal options with the flick of a single switch!

New CabRig™ DSP speaker simulator technology

CabRig™, our class-leading DSP speaker simulator comes as standard, offering hundreds of different cabinet, mic, and room settings. Save your favourites to three presets for easy access directly from the amplifier. Switch into standby for ‘silent’ recording or silent stage use. The USB-C port lets you send 4 channels (clean/dry, preamp out, stereo emulated out) to your DAW, ensuring the easiest way to capture authentic valve tone in recordings.

Pro Features

Blackstar’s patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control shifts the response of the three control tone stack between, a US type response at one end, and at the other, a UK type response. Importantly, in between the two extremes lie an infinite number of alternative tone choices that would be otherwise unavailable. MK III also has an all-new reverb voiced for guitar tones. Switch between ‘Dark’ room and ‘Light’ plate settings and deep-edit other parameters via our free Architect software. Ideal for modern musicians, the MK III has all the connectivity you need, effects loop, USB-C audio for professional recording and an XLR D.I. for live performances.