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Digitech has always been a market leader when it comes to innovating and clever solutions. They where the first company releasing a vocal harmonizer where artifical harmonies was added to the lead voice. The legendary pitch-shifting Whammy pedal and JamMan loopers are other examples of how Digitech been breaking their own ground in bedrooms, in rehearsal rooms and on stages all over the world.

The Hardwire pedals are designed to give you the effects you want without destroying or coloring the tone in your rig.

A line of pedals covering every need.
Multi effects for practice or professional use, it does not matter. RP does the job!
When looping is everything, JamMan is your best man.
Effects especially designed for bass to preserve the natural body and depth in your tone.


Preamp/multi FX for stand-alone-use or integrated in the live rig.
Voice processors with effects and harmonies.
The basic Element for your sound is, Element. Effect processors with lots of power and possibilities.
With the bass in mind. FX-processors developed to enhance your bass tone and keep the low end.

Distortion pedals for all styles, from Screamin Blues to Death Metal.



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