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It was in the 70´s Eden begun manufacturing speakers and cabinets but it was not until the 80's Eden focused in on the bass players and became the bass amplifier brand. Since then Eden has been seen in rehearsel rooms and on large venues being used by weekend warriors and some of the most influential bass players there is. The basic idea behind the design is to produce a product that deliver lots of tone, great tone and at the same time make it strong and sturdy enough to stand the wear and tear of a long world tour. It is simple, "a good tone, that lasts". When Eden developed their first bass amp they did not, like many others, start out by modifying an amplifier for electric guitar. No, Eden did go for the bass players needs already in the first place, so everthing you will see and hear from an Eden amp is tailor made for the bassists. If you need the big rig for big venues, if you need an practice amp or just the Eden-tone to go, it does not matter. Eden got it all.

The Metromix series is the ultimate practice tool for music instructors & practicing students in one on one or group situations. Metromix amps are also fantastic jamming tools, able to handle guitar, keys or e-drum kits in addition to bass. They all feature at least 2 separate channels, are designed to fit in most lesson rooms while some feature tilt back design to hear every nuance of your tone. At least 2 headphone outputs allow for private practice & jamming without disturbing others. All feature inputs to plug in an iPod or CD player to learn & play along with your favorite tunes.
The amplifiers in th E-series delivers clean, uncolored and loud Eden tone that works in nearly any live situation from party to street fest to concert stage. Novices to seasoned professionals will find this a powerful, feature packed, road worthy head that won’t break the bank and will provide years of solid service and legendary Eden tone.
A line of cabinets with focus on tone and performance which works just as well in the rehearsel room as on the stage, for the electric bass as well as the double bass. All speakers used for the E-series cabinets are custom designed by Eden.


Like a finely tuned machine WTX amplifiers offer fantastic power output using modern technology to reduce weight and size. WTX is a true performance thoroughbred. WTX amplifiers offer not only true EDEN tone, they also take the promise of the EDEN Traveller to the next level. More portable, flexible and lightweight, a WTX amplifier delivers amazing power output yet is so lightweight that it can simply be packed into your instrument bag and carried around with you
The World Tour Preamp has a tool for every situation, it is the Swiss army knife of bass amps.

Handmade in the USA, our D-series cabinets and speakers are true to EDEN's ongoing dedication to providing the best possible quality cabinets on the market. Our speakers are meticulously crafted to our historical spec by Eminence, the world's leading loudspeaker manufacturer, and just a short car ride away from where they are loaded with pride into our hand crafted cabinets. D series cabinets offer a truly professional touring cabinet solution in a variety of formats to suit players needs.

The concept of World Tour amplifiers has been an ongoing commitment at EDEN for many years. The World Tour Pro Series offers more features than ever before, combining the ability to shape tone using easy to use controls that allow you to dial in and control your sound without the need for additional outboard equipment. Supplied fully fitted with rack ears, the World Tour Pro can be put straight into your rack case ready to tour from the moment it leaves the box.
EDEN is committed to providing the right tools for the working bassist and this doesn’t stop at amplifiers and cabinets. EDEN professional bass pedals are designed to integrate seamlessly into your rig adding, a myriad of tonal possibilities and excitement to your sound. For years bass players have been using the WTDI Preamp / Direct box to get the most out of their rig, our newest additions- the I90 Chorus and CaliforniWAH filter both deliver solid pro-level performance.
There are two constant themes across the Terra Nova range. Firstly, the range is lightweight and compact, perfect for musicians on the move. Terra Nova gear also offers an impressive range of features to shape your sound, ideal on-stage and in the studio, while still being easy-to-use


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