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Levy’s is a leading manufacturer of consumer leather/nylon straps and accessories for stringed instruments, with manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The company was founded in 1973 by Dennis Levy

Every Levy's strap is designed to be comfortable, durable, and fashionable, because it's not just something to hold up your instrument; it's something you wear. By continually developing new designs and improving existing ones, Levy's offers the highest quality and broadest variety of guitar straps on the market. From simple to elaborate, from classy to crazy, from lightweight to heavy-duty, there's a Levy's strap for every player.

Licensed Lyrics
Tooled Leather
The Levy's gear category contains various small accessories for guitars and guitar straps.

Using a printing technology that produces graphics with infinite color possibilities and the finest details, limited only by our designers' imaginations. The print is applied to a finely woven polyester webbing, which makes for a soft, smooth, and colorful (and color-fast) guitar strap.

2" polyester guitar strap sublimation-printed with original artist's design, with polyester ends and tri-glide adjustment. Adjustable to 60".
High-quality suede straps in a variety of designs.
Sturdy leather strap for tough conditions.
Comfortable padded leather straps
Garment leather straps with embroidery design.
Levy's woven design guitar straps use the highest quality jacquard woven ribbons displaying intricate patterns and colorful designs.
2" woven guitar strap with leather ends and tri-glide adjustment.
2" cotton guitar strap with printed zombie design, leather ends and tri-glide adjustment.
Artist Series was created in cooperation with a collective of graffiti artists from Winnipeg in Canada.
Exclusive super-soft garment leather straps .
2" polypropylene guitar strap with polyester ends and tri-glide adjustment.
Cotton guitar strap with suede ends and tri-glide adjustment.


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