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How would the sound of rock have been without Marshall amps - a lot different and surely not as fun.

James Marshall, also known as Jim Marshall did in the early 60's not only change the tone of rock with his amplifiers, he did also create the Marshall-Stack which has become an iconic trademark, not only for the brand, but for Rock 'N' Roll it self. One of the first artists to perform in front of a wall of Marshalls was Jimi Hendrix and since then many of the greatest guitarist throughout the history of rock has walked in his footstep, or what do you say about Jeff Beck, Paul Weller, Iron Maiden, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert & Alexi Laiho to name a few.

Marshall has always been a market leader when it comes to develop new and groundbreaking products. One of the first was the Marshall-Stack followed by JCM800, JCM900, JMP-1 & JVM, yes the list is long. Their innovating ideas and the uniqe Marshall tone has attracted players in rehearsel rooms and stages for more than 50 years and will continue to do so for at least another 50 years.

Inspired by their own history and influenced by our present time Marshall prouldy presents Astoria. A line of guitar amps designed and manufactured on the Handwired production line in the Marshall factory in Milton Keynes, UK. Astoria is a reflection of knowledge, quality but most of all a great tone. The classic design integrates with modern, practical solutions to give you the best tone. There are three different versions of Astoria, all of them with their own identity but there are also a few core specifications, the 30 watts, the KT66's the ECC83's and the Power Reduction function that ties these amps together to a family. The Astoria family.

After five decades of being hailed as the 'the sound of rock' by guitarists all over the globe, it's hardly surprising that demand for the all-valve Vintage Re-issue™ Series is always high. Still manufactured in Bletchley, England, the Vintage Re-issue Series is made up of the amps that played a pivotal role in rock music's sonic evolution, and now, more than 50 years later, continue to do so.


A shining star in the amp universe. Marshall JVM gives you several channels, each with three different preamp modes and controls for gain, treble, middle bass and volume. This allows you to dial in almost any sound you can think of from the clean-to-ultimate distortion-scale. JVM do also have a double set of master volume to let you be in control of your solo volume. The preamp is equipped with ECC83 valves while the power amp is runned by EL34's. On top of that you can add separate reverbs for each channel, fx-loops and master EQ-controls; presence & resonance. The amps are programmable when it comes to channel switching, preamp modes, reverb and fx-loop on/off as well as possibility to switch between Master volume 1 & 2. This can be controlled via the front panel or the included footswitch or even MIDI

The beloved battery powered Micro Amps™ are a great addition to any guitarist's setup. Ideal for practice or impromptu performance, and equipped with a belt clip, Micro Amps are a fun way of making music on the move.>

Designed to perfectly encompass the iconic styling of Marshalls legendary amplifiers, with a modern twist. MG Gold from Marshall provides the exceptional tonal quality and flexibility of the Marshall MG series in a visually stunning finish.

Fitted with Gold Piping, unmistakeable white Marshall Script Logo and brushed gold panel MG Gold is possibly the most stunning finish ever released in history of the MG range and with subtle tweaks such as gloss black screws on corners and updated handles MG Gold is the ultimate in Marshall good looks.



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