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Martin Guitars

Martin Guitars was founded in the U.S. and has been continuously family owned and operated for six generations. Currently headed by Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV, the company has been handed down five times since it was started by German immigrant Christian Frederick Martin Sr. in 1833. "Our signature product and Martin's seamless tradition of quality to this day remain a significant source of pride for my family and all of those who are involved in crafting these extraordinary instruments," said Martin Guitar Chairman and CEO Christian Frederick Martin IV.  Embraced by artists all over the world, the Martin guitar has helped define virtually all genres of music, from classical and country to blues, folk and acoustic rock.

The Martin X Series guitars are among the most affordable Martins. Martin uses some innovative and environmentally friendly materials in constructing the X Series guitars. Aside from the laminated tops, backs, and sides, these include Stratabond, a laminated hardwood used on necks to resist warping. Harpiks-basert Richlite gripebrett og stol tåler mange års "hard playing". Acoustic-electric-modellene har Fishman Sonitone elektronikk, som er plug-and-play; enkelt og greit når man skal plugge gitaren inn i forsterker eller PA.

The Authentic Series guitars draw inspiration from some of Martin's most revered vintage guitars.  These beautiful instruments give guitarists the opportunity to experience the sound and feel of Martin's most sought after vintage instruments without breaking the bank.

Including some of Martin’s most iconic and longest-running models, the Standard Series encompasses the heart of Martin’s legacy. Including the D28 and D35, the Standard Series features premium tonewoods, brilliant bracing and scalloping techniques, as well as lavish appointments and finishes . Whether you’re looking for the guitar of a lifetime, or a workhorse for your studio, the Standard Series has models to meet the demands of the most sophisticated guitarists.

Stepping up from the X series, Martin’s Road Series guitars are Martin’s lowest cost instruments with all solid-wood construction. They feature more handcrafted details and more sophisticated electronics in the models making them perfect for the gigging musicians. Road Series guitars serve up Martin’s signature sound reliably, night after night at very modest prices.

Martin Retro Series acoustic-electric guitars are the outcome of a close collaboration between the company and Fishman Electronics. Using Fishman’s remarkable Aura technology to create sound images of glorious Golden-Era instruments from the Martin museum, Retro models have the look of vintage instruments but offer the playability of new, finely crafted guitars. No effort was spared in capturing the tonal DNA of the original guitars, including the use of vintage mics to capture their recorded sound accurately. Plugged in, Retro instruments capture Golden-Era sound and deliver that sound in a plug-and-play configuration ready for amplified performance settings. Despite their patina of age, Retro models include the new high-performance neck taper and low-oval profile that makes playing them an unalloyed pleasure

The Performing Artist models have cutaway bodies that grant easy access to high notes, making them a good choice if you do a lot of soloing. With greater hand-detailing and step-up Fishman electronics on acoustic-electric models, this moderately priced series is aimed at musicians who play out extensively and need an acoustic with superb tone and the ability to hold up to tough touring, night after night.

Martin started producing ukuleles in 1916 and are some of the most sought after ukuleles around. These badboys are all based on some of the original style ukuleles and have a distinct tone that certainly will put a smile on your face.

A smaller body makes for a more comfortable playing experience but without sacrificing the classic Martin sound.

The Little Martins are designed for the aspiring musician and aresignifically smaller than your regular Martin guitar. They are easy to play and have the classic Martin sound we all love.

The Custom Signature series gives you the chance to be a part of the magic Martin sound and feel that some of the most coveted artists in modern history has been giving us. Designed together with some of the most well renowned Martin artists such as John Mayer & Eric Clapton.

The classic Martin sound in a extremely portable package. Perfect for the travelling musician, the aspiring youngster or as a compliment to your existing arsenal of weapons. Try it with a Nashville style tuning!

With a rich history dating back to 1906, the Martin 17 Series have clean, vintage styling and can be used to produce satisfying sounds in diverse styles of music.

Martin’s 16 Series instruments are appreciated by players looking for a moderately priced guitar that delivers a lot of sustain and punch. While they may not have all the cosmetic luxury of more costly series, they produce plenty of the famed Martin bass response and very evenly balanced overall tone.

Designed to appeal to the traditionalist, they are crafted to reproduce the look and sound of 1940s models. Featuring East Indian rosewood on the fingerboard, Martin’s A-frame X-bracing, and solid mahogany tops and bodies, they deliver the vintage tone that is a hallmark of Martin’s legacy. Martin’s 15 Series is sure to please old-school guitar enthusiasts.

Martin’s premium classical strings are tonally superior to nylon. The proprietary synthetic material emulates gut strings that have been around for centuries. Magnifico™ strings, developed exclusively with Aquila, offer precise intonation and exceptional tuning stability. All Nazareth-made nylon guitars and custom produced nylon guitars are strung with Martin’s Magnifico™ premium classical strings. Unlike Martin’s standard classical strings, which have a ball-end, Magnifico™ classical strings will be offered only with the traditional tie-end.

If you’re looking for some extra protection for your fine guitar, Authentic Acoustic Silked strings are the right choice for you. We’ve added a soft silk wrap to the ball ends of our Authentic Acoustic strings to prevent wear and tear on the bridge and bridge plate as you play. Our silk wrap puts a comforting layer of protection in place every time you change your strings. Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze. Martin Authentic Acoustic Marquis® Silked strings offer thread wrapping for bridge protection, corrosion resistance and excellent tuning stability..

Martin Retro® strings are the real deal. Not an imitation. With Martin Retro® strings, you get one tough set that offers true, consistent tone and sounds like nothing else on the market. Martin’s solid nickel/copper alloy blend provides a reduced pick attack that allows the guitar’s tonewoods to be heard, not overshadowed. Martin’s proprietary Monel wrap wire is naturally corrosion resistant, so you can play them for a long time with nothing to get in the way of your music. Discover your guitar’s true voice.

Retro® strings offer enhanced longevity with warm natural tone, and they sound great plugged in.

It isn’t just about flexibility; it’s about bending the note till it rings true. Our Flexible Core strings feel soft to the touch, making them ideal for beginners. But don’t be fooled by comfort! They are for professional players too. Just ask Tommy Emmanuel, who performs with our Flexible Core strings night after night. We start with our highest tensile-strength core wire, then tin-plate it on all six strings for added corrosion resistance; because what you don’t see matters! When coupled with our highest quality wrap wire, you get consistent true tone that you can count on song after song. With Flexible Core strings, you get total flexibility and total control. Available in 92/8 Phosphor Bronze and Silk & Phosphor.

Martin Authentic Acoustic Flexible Core strings reduce finger fatigue; they are ideal for fingerstyle and note bending and offer comfort without sacrificing tone.

These strings are engineered with the performer in mind and they will always stand up to rigorous practice and performance schedules. We start with our highest tensile-strength core wire, then tin-plate it on all six strings for added corrosion resistance; because what you don’t see matters! When coupled with our highest quality wrap wire you get consistent true tone that you can count on song after song. Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze.

Martin Authentic Acoustic SP® strings offer excellent tuning stability, corrosion resistance and great playability.

Martin’s next generation Lifespan 2.0 strings are engineered using a new, patented technology only available from Martin. This technology was developed to protect the core wire and the wrap wire to prevent corrosion without compromising tone. Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings look better, sound better, and feel better, providing a smooth playing experience that reduces finger drag. Martin Authentic Acoustic Lifespan® 2.0 strings offer next generation treatment for long life, great playability and feel, and superior reliability with authentic tone.

Martin Titanium Core strings deliver the ultimate player’s experience with patented technology only available from Martin. Experience a new level of comfort and response with industry leading stability and superior corrosion resistance. Titanium is more flexible than steel, providing a very comfortable playing experience while remaining strong and durable. Martin uses pure Nickel to wrap the Titanium strings. Pure nickel is naturally corrosion resistant and holds its tone for a very long time. The pure nickel and titanium work together to provide the ultimate corrosion-free string.

Premium nickel guitar strings built to be tough and affordable so you can keep your axe screaming whether you want twang, snarl or bite. Play more, pay less.



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