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MixPad® Series Analog Stereo Mixers with Effects and USB integrate Samson’s commitment to quality, affordability and professional specs into two models: the compact 12-input MXP124FX and the fullfeatured 14-input MXP144FX. These lightweight mixers offer all of the sonic clarity, ease of use and premium performance that serious musicians demand.
The MixPad® FX mixers feature premium circuitry specifically designed to work with Samson’s MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic preamps to provide wide frequency range, definitive channel separation and natural response. This ensures that all of your mixes originate from pure, authentic audio signals, making the MixPad®

FX mixers perfect for education, broadcast, band rehearsals and other live sound applications.

With 100 24-bit, low-noise digital effects, each MixPad® FX mixer offers a studio-inspired effects processor to give your mixes a professional touch. Both models also feature a high-integrity, bidirectional USB connection for recording a mix to your favorite DAW or integrating digital music files from your computer into a project.