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VOX News


Vox is gearing up for NAMM.


New products 2019

In advance of NAMM, VOX has presented two additions to the VX-line of modeling amplifiers: VX15 GT and VX50 GTV and a new Limited Edition of the AC15 with an American twist.


AC15C1 G12C

The latest limited edition of the VOX AC15 amp is equipped with Warehouse Guitar Speakers’ handmade G12C model – straight from the states, adding some American flavor to the iconic British chime of the AC15.


VX50 GTV & VX15 GT

These amps are unreasonably lightweight yet delivering, realistic and stage-ready sounds driven by modeling technology. The VX50 GTV is also equipped with the next-generation Nutube vacuum tub and a built-in USB audio interface

  • Ultra-lightweight design that overturns expectations for guitar amps
  • "VET" modeling technology boasts the ultimate in sound quality, both in character and amount
  • A numerous and diverse array of tube amp and boutique amp models are provided, including VOX's legendary AC30
  • Internal structure that's carefully calculated for powerful sound, featuring a sealed bass-reflex body constructed of ABS




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