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Zildjian Gauge Series Drumsticks

Introducing the Zildjian Gauge Series Drumsticks designed for all styles of music. Available in four models, each with a different diameter but featuring a consistent length, taper, and ‘fusion’ tip shape - a hybrid between the popular acorn tip and round tip. Whether you are in the middle of a gig or performing in a quiet or loud setting, the adjustment between each model is seamless due to its proportional features.

The 6 Gauge and 8 Gauge drumsticks provide great control and articulation for lower to medium volume gigs. The 10 and 12 Gauge drumsticks provide more volume with less effort, allowing for more power with great throw and rebound around the drum kit.

The Gauge Series sticks are made in Maine from USA Hickory and each pair is weight-matched, tone-paired and guaranteed straight.



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