Article number 4030126

Mapex MPX Snare Drum 14" x,5,5" - Steel shell

14” x 5.5" Steel Shell entry-level snare drum. Hoops and fittings in chrome .

The Mapex MPX steel snare drum is well equipped for any musical context. Equipped with a Piston Strainer with vertical throw-off, enables a quick, comfortable, and smooth operation and prevents snare wire tension changes while playing. The same strainer is also used on the Armory Snare “Tomahawk”. Hardware and lugs in high polished chrome, and Remo® UX heads.

  • 14" x 5.5"
  • 1mm Steel Shell
  • 20pc W-Mass Lugs
  • Remo UX Drum Heads
  • Chrome Finish
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Piston Strainer with vertical throw-off
  • Triple-Flange Hoops
  • Model: MPNST4551CN