Article number 2763010

BluGuitar NanoCab

The perfect companion to your AMP1. Light and portable but with a big and balanced sound.

Inspired by the excellent performance of the FATCAB, the cabinet that I used and tweaked over the last years, I set myself the task of developing a compact, but good-sounding Box, complimentary not only to the BluGuitar AMP1. An opening in the casing provides a higher bass resonance, which gives clean and slightly distorted sounds a special airiness, but the opening shouldn’t be too big. If so, you lose the important resonance and the box sounds “small”. However the optimum punch for rock sounds is best achieved with a closed cabinet. This is how we came to the idea of theNANOCABs small opening, which can easily be opened or closed according to your needs.

  • 1x12 Closed Back or Open Back
  • 60W 8ohm
  • 12” Special BluGuitar Classic speaker
  • 1 x mono in, 1 x parallel out, 1 x serial out
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Size: 35cm x 35cm x 27,5cm