Article number 110P03821

Ernie Ball P03821 James Hetfield Signature Strings, 3-pack

James Hetfield Signature Strings Ideal for an Agressive Style and Technique.

Papa Het’s Hardwired Master Core Signature Strings!

Papa Het’s new hardwired Master Core signature string sets have been co-developed with Metallica’s James Hetfield over the past decade to best meet his demanding performance requirements.

This signature set consists of James’s preferred 11-50 gauge combination using thicker Paradigm core wire and plasma enhanced nickelplated steel wrap wire. They are ideal for James’s aggressive style and technique, offering a heavier sound with extra pitch stability. The Plain strings consist of Paradigm core wire with brass RPS reinforcement at the ball end for added strength and tuning stability.

These limited edition signature sets are housed in a durable tin box with custom graphics and artwork designed by James! The tin box is compact, highly collectible, and includes three signature string packs inside.

Get a thicker sound and add pitch stability to you instrument, get a tin box of Papa Het's.

  • James own guage combo, 11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 50
  • Heavier Core to Wrap Ratio
  • Wound Strings wrapped with Paradigm plasma-enhanced nickel-plated steel around ultra high strength tin-plated steel hex cores
  • Paradigm Ultra-High Strength Tin Plated Steel Plain Strings