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Short Microphone Stand for Bass Drums and Amplifiers etc, with Quik-N-EZ Mic Clip mount.
Article nr: 4075330
Microphone Boom Stand. Specifically designed for backline, rental companies and touring musicians.
Article nr: 4075432
Microphone Stand - Black. Low-level stand with folding base, complete with long, 2-piece extendable boom arm.
Article nr: 2552550B
Overhead Microphone Stand - Black. Height: 1480/2290 mm.
Article nr: 25521411
Extra high microphone stand for special recording techniques or antenna positioning.
Article nr: 25520150
One Hand Microphone Stand - Black. Height: 1100/1820 mm.
Article nr: 25525680
Microphone Stand - Black. Cast-iron round base, with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration.
Article nr: 2552601B
Microphone Stand - Black. Folding, short-legged design with die-cast base. Noiseless height-adjustment.
Article nr: 2552012B
Microphone Stand - Black. Three-piece telescoping shaft. Metal, non-marring height-adjustment mechanisms, complete with boom arm.
Article nr: 25525200
Microphone Stand - Black. Low-level, telescopic stand with foldable legs. Comes with 2-piece boom arm.
Article nr: 2552590B
Microphone Stand - Soft- Touch - Gray. Height: 280 mm, Length: 525 mm
Article nr: 2552591G


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