Article number 1364302

Rane PAGER 2

Paging Station for CP66

The Rane PAGER2 Paging Station is designed for use with the CP66 Commercial Processor, this station lets you decide which combination of the 6 Zones to Page into and displays important information such as whether or not a higher priority page is already occurring.

The PAGER2 Paging Station accepts any standard gooseneck microphone and has built-in selectable 24V Phantom power and a 13 dB pad. It normally sits on a desk or table, and has lockdown features for security. It connects to and is powered by the CP66 Commercial Processor using a RJ-45 terminated connection for power, data, and audio over via shielded CAT5 cable up to 500‘ (152m).

The status indicators on the rear of this paging station and the CP66 Commercial Processor verify communication. The rear panel has indicators to troubleshoot any CAT5 cable failure.