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Lightning Stands

Extension Rod - Black. For speaker and light stands. One end has internal M10 thread, the other end has external M10 thread.
Article nr: 25521330
Crossbar - Black. For light stands. Rectangular steel tubing. Attaches with M10 x 40 mm bolt and washer.
Article nr: 2552139
Crossbar. Attachable to light and speaker stands with extension tube diameter of 35 mm. With 4 screw fittings for spot lights.
Article nr: 25521393
Bar mount bracket for stands with 35 mm tube diameter.
Article nr: 25524500
Lighting/Speaker Stand - Black. Height: 1865/3040 mm.
Article nr: 2552461
Side Crossbar - Black. Accommodates 4 spot lights. Light-weight aluminum tubing with tube-diameter 36 mm.
Article nr: 25524637
Light and stable aluminum speaker/lighting stand
Article nr: 25524645


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