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You do not only need a musical instrument to create music. It is also necessary to have accessories to carry and connect your instruments but also tools to be able to express what you want with your music. Here you will find sustain (damper) and expression pedals, stands and different bags and cases in addition to Power Adapters.
  • KORG B1 Digital Piano is the right choice for all your piano needs. The streamlined design delivers the key features most important to any pianist: an authentic keyboard touch, superior sound, and effortless ease of use. The KORG B1 Digital Piano stands alone in its class; designed from the ground up using cutting-edge technologies to exceed all expectations. For those who are just starting and for those who want to start again, we invite you to experience the KORG B1 Digital Piano. Highlights: • Built-in stereo sound system with MFB Servo technology • 8 Accurate digitally sampled sounds • Onboard Reverb & Chorus effects • 88 Natural Weighted Hammer (NH) keys • Metal damper pedal provided • Partner Mode: ideal for lessons and instruction • Improved music rest hold scores securely • Available in Black or White to match any décor • Matching stand, bench, and triple-pedal unit available (each sold separately)
    Article nr: 8092301
  • Five-way footswitch for Pa2, Pa3x and Pa4X-series
    Article nr: 8015105
  • Combined volyme and expression pedal for keyboards
    Article nr: 8075102


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