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Tuners & Metronomes

Tuners and metronomes is something most musicians need. Guitarists and bassists need to know that their instrument is in pitch, and also against their fellow musicians. Tuners are also a great tool to learn how to keep a pure tone on a wind instrument. And the metronome helps you to find the pace of your playing. As the leading manufacturer of Tuners & mentronoms Korg has developed products to try to meet every need. Probably even yours.
  • KORG Beat Boy. Tuner with recording function, drum machine and effects.
    Article nr: 8057180
  • CM-200 Contact Microphone. For Korg-tuners etc.
    Article nr: 8056102
  • Stunning visibility and pin-point precision, to go. Compact tuner with ultra-high ±0.1 cent precision.

    • Part of KORG’s “Custom Shop” series, a mark of ultimate quality.
    • 3D visual meter with revolutionary visual effects.
    • Ultra-high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents
    • Three meter display modes
    • Compact flat design provides a large screen and easy portability.
    • High-sensitivity mic is built-in, allowing use with acoustic & orchestral instruments.
    Article nr: 8051800


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