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Reno is a Scandinavian brand name, well known for manufacturing guitar related products for several decades. Reno took the big step into the market in 2005 when introduced their ukuleles for the first time. Handmade in Asia by a factory with many years of experience in ukulele production. Designed and quality controlled in Scandinavia to meet the requirements we set on a good instrument. Since its introduction, hundreds of thousands Reno ukuleles found their home somewhere in Scandinavia.

The Soprano model is the most common and standard type of ukulele. It is the smallest ukulele and is known for its thin and clear sound, so commonly associated with ukuleles. Small and also perfect for traveling. Most common tuning is G, C, E. A.
The Grand Concert ukulele is larger than the Soprano ukulele, and the overall sound and tone is fuller. For performers, this model is great because you get a rich full sound, and since you have more frets, you’re able to reach higher notes on the fretboard. Grand Concert ukuleles are commonly tuned in standard tuning (G, C, E, A), but some will choose to tune it lower like a baritone ukulele to D, G, B, E.


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