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Hand Percussion

  • Lighter Tambourine for younger players or anyone how wants to have fun. 8 pair Nickel Jingles. Black
    Article nr: 8461210
  • The Stick Jingl-er. Put som Tambourine Jingels on your drumsticks to get the Tambourine sound directly on your grooves. Nickel Jingles.
    Article nr: 8461412
  • The Stick Ball Shaker - The RhythmTech Stickball Shaker is the first shaker designed to mount on a drumstick.
    Article nr: 8462430
  • Hat Trick G2. Give the drummers a way to play tambourine patterns with their hi-hat pedal. 8 pair Nickel Jingles.
    Article nr: 8467420
  • Cabasa made from genuine hardwood, and has a unique rubber grip for easier and more comfortable playing. Large.
    Article nr: 8468000


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