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Since its establishment in 1963, Korg Inc. has made every endeavor to manufacture the Epoch-making Electronic Musical Instruments backed by innovative creativity and extensive technological expertise original to KORG.

As a result, KORG products have grown to become the instrument of choice by top musicians, supported by the respect of avid music fans, to create and contribute to suggestion of a new music culture using superior electronic music instruments.




Kross is a family of a mobile synthesizer keyboard with impressive features. With the KROSS synths, the sounds and songs that you've created at home and the system that you use every day can go with you onto the stage or into the street! Featuring rich sounds that exceed its class, yet remaining highly portable, theses instruments are designed for practical usability. There's a convenient mic input and a built-in audio recorder, and they can run on batteries. It's a distinctive new standard in music workstations, with specs and style that set them apart from all others.

Here you will find tastefully designed DA converter for music playback via USB from your PC with the absolute best sound quality. Either through the built-in headphone amplifier or via line outputs. An accurate real-time DSD to analog conversion is the secret of the high-resolution reference sound the DS-DAC products offer. Audio files like MP3, WAV convertible to 5,6MHz DSD data in real time, which means a 128 times higher sampling rate than a standard CD e.g. The core of the DS-DAC is a high-quality DA converters from Cirrus Logic, and the included software Audio Gate (High Definition Audio Player Software). Audio Gate supports a variety of file formats such as MP3, AAC, 44.1 / 48 kHz WAV, high-resolution formats as 24 bits (96/192 kHz) WAV and FLAC, and of course 1-bit DSD 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz.
When you are looking for a digital piano you should look here. Korg has a piano for everyone. Whether you are seeking a first piano at home or for your next tour.
With the growing list of international artists in this genre, DJ:ing is becoming more and more popular. Korg has for many years developed products that are unique to DJ artists and new ones shows up all the time. Welcome to the Kaoss!
Wavedrum did put Korg on the drumming map. In addition to Wavedrum you will find new innovations like ClipHit in this segment but also more traditional drum machines. Dive in and learn more.
Musicians are constantly looking for new products and resources to develop their playing skills. Guitarists will get his needs met here.
Computers and software's have a prominent role in today's music creation. In order to create the music you want you will need a keyboard and features to control your music software. Korg has solutions for most needs, whether you are stationary or making music on the go. Click in to check your needs.
Korg have made synths since the 70's and they still belongs to those leading the development of new products. This family of instruments is big and here you will find complete studios like Kronos Workstation, new analog and classic vintage synthesizers, stage pianos and keyboards with accompaniment. What will be your choice?
Tuners and metronomes is something most musicians need. Guitarists and bassists need to know that their instrument is in pitch, and also against their fellow musicians. Tuners are also a great tool to learn how to keep a pure tone on a wind instrument. And the metronome helps you to find the pace of your playing. As the leading manufacturer of Tuners & mentronoms Korg has developed products to try to meet every need. Probably even yours.
You do not only need a musical instrument to create music. It is also necessary to have accessories to carry and connect your instruments but also tools to be able to express what you want with your music. Here you will find sustain (damper) and expression pedals, stands and different bags and cases in addition to Power Adapters.


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