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Falcon Hardware (1000-series)

Falcon Series is a complete line of pro-level hardware with the features and conveniences needed by pros in the studio, on tour, or in the woodshed

  • Falcon Series Direct Drive link pack for P1000 and P1000TW Bass Drum Pedals.
    Article nr: 4044905
  • Falcon Series Quick Release for BF1000 and B800 Cymbal stands.
    Article nr: 4044908
  • Falcon Series Beater Pack. 2-sided Beater including changable weights (10- and 20 gram).
    Article nr: 4044904
  • Falcon Series Hi-hat Clutch with Quick Release lock. Fits most of the Hi-hat stands.
    Article nr: 4044906
  • Falcon Series Quick Release for HF1000 Hi-hat stands.
    Article nr: 4044909
  • Falcon Series Strap Drive for PF1000 Bass Drum Pedals.
    Article nr: 4044907
  • Falcon Series Hihat Stand with removable legs. Rotate 360 degrees. Extreme height adjustment. Simply the Pro's Hihat Stand..
    Article nr: 4042691
  • Falcon Series Cymbal Boom Stand. Heavy duty tubes, double braced legs, and the Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter rotates 360 degrees. Chrome.
    Article nr: 4043791
  • Falcon Series Hardware Pack, including 2pcs BF1000 Cymbal Boom Stands, SF1000 Snare Stand, HF1000 Hi-hat Stand and PF1000 Bass Drum Pedal. Chrome.
    Article nr: 4045100


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