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Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. We are devoted to the guitar's rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich our products with uncompromised tone, playability and beauty. Our success depends on our ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine our craft. Believing this, we strive to build the best guitars and guitar products possible and to serve our employees, customers, suppliers and community with distinction.

Paul reed Smiths quest for tone has resulted in a amp collection few can dream of. During his hunt he met Doug Sewell, a talented amp technician. Paul was impressed by his work and they decided to partner up.

When we say that Paul likes guitar pickups, we really mean it. Many of the pickups that PRS make at the factory in Annapolis are available so everyone can get a piece of the PRS magic.

The Custom 24 is what started it all for PRS. First introduced on the 1985 NAMM show and has since then with it's 24 frets and 25" scale been a trusty companion for guitarists world over. Today the Custom can be found in many different versions - The Custom 22 is a 22 fret guitar and has a bit warmer and more rounded tone compared to the more articulate Custom 24. Both the Custom 24 and the Custom 22 can also be equipped with a LR Baggs piezo system for added versatility. 

For the hard rocking dive bombers out there, the Custom 24 Floyd is the guitar for you. Original Floyd Rose tremolo, a satin maple neck with ebony fretboard and high output pickups makes the Custom 24 Floyd Rose a dangerous weapon in the right hands. 

The PRS McCarty models pays homage to a legacy of innovation and all three models has a distinctive vintage tone and styling. The original McCarty is the original guitar that Paul designed to honor his friend and mentor Ted McCarty. The McCarty 594 is based on the same features but with a slightly shorter scale length and specially designed pickups and neck carve. You can also get the McCarty in a traditional singlecut shape, the Singlecut McCarty 594. 

PRS hollowbody guitars are in a league of their own when it comes to acoustic tonality. Beautifully made with great attention to detail, a violin of its time. To further enhance the acoustic side of the guitar, the hollowbody can also be ordered with a piezo system making it one of the most exquisite and versatile instruments ever made.

Paul Reed Smith is known for his ability to listen to what guitarists want and makes sure that the evolution of the guitar as an instrument never ceases. The 408 and the 509 models are both perfect examples of how the guitar can evolve so it can fulfill the needs of the modern musician. Paul is always working on something new and if you want to play wath he plays, you have to check out Paul's Guitar!

What would the world look like without our guitar heros? PRS has over the years worked with some of the most influential guitarists in history and has been awarded with their own signature model. Carlos Santana was one of the very first endorsers and the Santana Retro-model is based on one of the original models from the 80’s. If hard rock and metal is what you crave, the Mark Tremonti signature model is the guitar for you with it’s high output humbuckers and fat tone. You can also find the David Grissom signature model which is a versatile vintage inspired guitar based on the McCarty (but with a little twist of course).

Since the dawn of rock and roll, the snap and response that comes from a bolt-on neck guitar has been an essential part of the mix. These attributes have, in turn, become essential to many players trying to tell their story through music. The CE 24 brings the bolt-on platform back to the main PRS lineup with some significant updates.


Manufactured with new processes and specs in the same Maryland factory as all US-made PRS instruments, the new S2 Series brings classic PRS playability and reliability to a new price point. With a simple, straightforward design these guitars have serious style and expressive tone

After months of research and development, play testing, and fine tuning, we are proud to present the S2 Satin models. These super thin satin nitro finishes not only feel great, but allow the mahogany to sing a warm, balanced tone. For players looking for something different than our standard high-gloss neck feel, the S2 Satin’s have a great natural, worn-in comfort.

As a musician, you want an instrument you can trust. A guitar that can take a beating but keep on giving, stay in tune when it matters, and sound incredible. You want it to look good and make your playing feel effortless. Oh, and you don't want to spend your life savings.



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