Acoustic Design Ceiling

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Consistent tonal characteristics across the entire AcousticDesign™ family in both surface or ceiling applications
DMT (Directivity Matched Transition™) waveguide ensures smooth, uniform frequency response over the coverage area
Snap-fit magnetic grille
3x double stepped, long travel dog-ear blind mount system
Advanced Intrinsic Correction™ voicings available via Q-SYS™ networked audio processing platforms, including CXD amplifiers
Low-saturation and low-loss 70/100V transformers with 16Ω bypass Blemish-free removable logo Removable conduit cover plate, also available as accessory for pre-install wiring UL1480 and UL2043 certified EN54-24 Type A (pending) Complete EASE, CF2, CAD, & BIM information available online