CXD-Q Series

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The QSC CXD-Q Series represents a revolutionary advancement in amplifier technology and innovation, coupled with outstanding integration capability as part of a Q-Sys system. Designed specifically for the needs of integrators, CXD-Q provides efficient, robust and extraordinarily high fidelity power to drive multiple channels and configurations of loudspeakers – all with optimal energy and rack space efficiency. The CXD-Q Series consists of three powerful, four-channel amplifiers, each a Q-Sys peripheral enabling audio routing, processing, and control.

Provided in the amps is the capability to configure and combine channels in various ways to drive a wide range of loudspeaker systems including 70V and 100V without the use of transformers. These amplifiers not only provide the power and processing make your system perform better, they offer outstanding efficiency ensuring that energy costs will be kept to a minimum over the life of the installation.

CXD-Q amplifiers feature Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology™ (FAST) that actively, two, three or all four outputs. This flexibility allows CXD-Q Series amplifiers to drive (for example) two full-range surface mounted speakers along with a subwoofer and one 100V distributed speaker line; or a high-power subwoofer and a bi-amplified full-range loudspeaker; three 70V distributed speaker lines and a low impedance surface mount speaker line; or a single high-power channel driving monster subwoofers.

The CXD-Q amplifiers benefit from the strength of the Q-Sys platform. They are true Q-Sys peripherals meaning that they can connect on a Q-LAN Ethernet network and source and recieve audio signals. In addition to the four Mic/Line input and output channels, the CXD-Q amplifiers affer eight bi-directional Q-Sys GPIO ports for further interfacing with other equipment. It also means that when the CXD-Q amps are in a Q-Sys design the Q-Sys Core manages the system design and amplifiers. If for any reason an amplifier goes off-line or has a fault, the Core can alert the operator and ensure that system retains its integrity.

CXD-Q Series amplifiers use QSC’s next generation class-D power amp design in combination with a custom power stage utilizing a new output device. These purpose built MOSFET devices provide high voltage operation without needing a full bridge output and offer better audio quality and thermal performance due to co-location of the semiconductors. CXD-Q amplifiers benefit from the proven PowerLight power supply, made even better with Power Factor Correction (PFC) that aligns the current waveform with the AC mains voltage waveform. PFC enables CXD-Q Series amps to draw current from the wall in a more efficient and controlled manner resulting in incredible power from a single standard AC breaker.

The CXD-Q amplifiers also incorporate several energy conservation and efficiency strategies. One such tool is the unique multi-stage sleep mode that saves energy when possible without sacrificing performance. With four channels of Mic/Line input and four channels of amplification in just 2RU, the CXD-Q amplifiers replaces equipment taking up as much as three times the rack-space. Q-Sys is a complete integrated system that encompasses everything from the audio input to the output of the loudspeakers. As part of a Q-Sys system, the CXD-Q amplifiers are just some of the many peripherals that can be intuitively placed in a design and wired into the system. The centralized design maintains operational simplicity because not only does it allow for a “whole system” design philosophy, but the Q-Sys Core configures and manages all peripherals to ensure that all elements of the system are functioning correctly.

With the complete integration facilities provided by Q-Sys, and the power efficiency provided by the custom MOSFET and FAST, the CXD-Q amplifiers are perfect for nearly every installation application.