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Medusa Series Snakes have been the touring standard worldwide for decades.
Whirlwind MK Series mic cables are built with Accusonic+2 cable and fitted with Whirlwind XLR connectors to ensure superior cable performance year after year.
Classic instrument cables with Accusonic+1 cable.
Premium, rugged, and practically indestructable, the Leader plug's patented cable grip absorbs any typical straining in the field. And its flexible boot extension has virtually eliminated breakage at the cable exit. Combined with Accusonic+1cable, the Leader is the highest quality instrument cable manufactured today.
A/B Box and Rochester Series Classic Effects pedals
Whirlwind Multipair Cable: Heavy duty, flexible, NEC CM rated multipair cable. Each pair contains two twisted 24GA 7x32 polyethylene insulated conductors with 100% foil shield and 24GA drain wire.
Accusonic+1: Heavy duty, flexible single conductor cable with polyethylene insulation and black PVC jacket.
Accusonic+2: Heavy duty, flexible two conductor cable with polyethylene insulation and black PVC jacket.
Optimized for connecting personal audio sources to professional audio system inputs. Use to connect CD and MP3 players, computer sound card outputs, mini headphone audio outputs, etc. to professional equipment with balanced inputs such as a mixing console.
Diagnostics cable testers, signal testers, speaker and speakercable testers AES testbox
Digital Multi system, Cobranet converters
High-quality nickel-plated molded Bantam TT patch cables made with quad-type wire.
Mini Medusa are ideal drop snakes for cleaning up cable runs in the studio or on stage. Use them for a keyboard rig, a complex drumkit setup, or any place you need to gather up mic lines
Mic splitters, Pressmite, AES splitters, Headphone splitter and Splitter/ brakeout box
Built rugged on the inside and outside, this is the world famous Di's found in pro systems everywhere.


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