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Gen16 combines acoustic and electric components to create a new approach to cymbals. The cymbals are the acoustic portion of the mix – they’re no different from any other Zildjian cymbals except that they've had some of their mass removed to reduce their volume by 60% to 70%. This make them ideal for low volume applications and to be combined with electronic drum kits. Our Direct Source Pickup is a unique sensor that captures the sound of these cymbals much like how a microphone would but with two powerful advantages - there's no threat of feedback or picking up other parts of the kit. The captured signal is then digitally processed by the DCP module using EQ's and other signal processing effects to shape the tone of the cymbal. This allows you to get many different sounds from the same sound source. The greatest benefit of Gen16 is that it allows the player to get the same feel and responsiveness of an actual cymbal in an electronic environment. Dynamics and articulations are fully translated in your playing.

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