Article number 1690900

PRS Horsemeat Overdrive

A transparent overdrive that can be used as a clean boost a straight ahead overdrive.

PRS Horsemeat Overdrive

The PRS Horsemeat transparent overdrive is a from-scratch circuit designed to enhance guitar tone without coloring it. Using germanium diodes, Horsemeat will give throatiness without sounding nasal or too high-pitched and harmonic richness by boosting both low- and high-end frequencies, all while providing more available headroom. Depending on the setting, the PRS Horsemeat can be used as a clean boost, straight overdrive, or even enhance an amplifier’s distortion by slightly pushing the front end of the amp’s preamp section.

In essence, “Horsemeat sounds a lot like a good amp.” – Paul Reed Smith

Horsemeat Overdrive:

  • Analog Overdrive
  • True Bypass
  • Treble, Bass & Voice-control
  • Runs on 9 Volt Battery (not included) or Optional 9V DC Power Supply