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sE Electronics DCM6 DynaCaster Microphone

The active mic for active singers, speakers,,and players! Rugged, Dynamic, Boosted!

The active mic for active players, singers, and speakers!

Introducing the latest addition to the DynaCaster Family of dynamic studio microphones, meet the DCM6 front-addressed active cardioid dynamic microphone! From recording your next song to building a community on your favorite platform, the DCM6 is built to make your time creating effortless with an integrated +30 dB of clean transparent gain at the push of a button. With its integrated DYNAMITE preamp, the DCM6 is much louder than the typical dynamic microphone and eliminates the need of an inline preamp while lowering your noise floor. Its custom-developed cardioid capsule has a tailored frequency response for a smooth, natural, and isolated sound on any voice. The DCM6 has an integrated pop filter, shockmount, and high-swivel mic stand mount providing the proper equipment to ensure you sound like a professional straight out of the box. The DCM6’s all-metal housing, integrated features, and elegant, modern finish – eliminate the need for a chunky external shockmount or pop filter and allow for obstruction-free camera angles whether you’re recording in the studio, at a broadcast / radio station, or creating content at home. The DynaCaster DCM6: Rugged, dynamic, boosted – Be heard…but better!


Turbo-boosted with +30 dB of clean gain

  • much more output than typical dynamic microphones
  • eliminates the need of expensive and bulky inline preamps
  • instantly provides +30dB of clean and transparent gain (phantom 48V power required)

Modern. Professional. Elegant.

  • High swivel range and tested on all types of mic booms
  • ensures effortless compatibility with any desk boom
  • Complete with professional studio essentials out of the box

Front-addressed cardioid dynamic - tailored for speech

  • custom-developed for a smooth, natural sound on any voice
  • ensures high intelligibility even in noisy environments
  • isolates your voice from unwanted ambient noise

Integrated pop filter 

  • eliminates the need for a chunky external pop filter
  • ideal for obstruction-free camera shots

All-metal housing with premium finish

  • robust, rock-solid design – built to last
  • corrosion-free materials and finish

Patented integrated shock-mount

  • eliminates the need for an external shockmount
  • efficiently decouples the capsule from mechanical vibration
  • reduces handling noise, footfall noise, or any rumble

Gold-plated contacts

  • for years of loss-free and reliable signal connection

What’s in the box
Microphone, Thread adapter, sE logo sticker, User manual