Article number 7812030

Crest Audio Tactus™ .STAGE

32 In / 16 Out SoundGrid Stage Box for the Tactus mixing system

Tactus .STAGE 

Built in partnership with Waves®, the Tactus™ Digital Mixing System puts high quality audio, custom configuration and class leading features at the operator’s fingertips. Built on the combination of the Waves eMotion™ LV1 mixer, SoundGrid® server technology and Crest Audio Tactus IO interfaces, the Tactus Digital Mixing System represents the next evolution in digital consoles- without the physical limitations of a console.
The Tactus™ .Stage serves as a 32 Input x 16 Output analog patch which converts and taxi’s audio over SoundGrid to and from the Tactus. FOH Server. It also offers 2x AES3 Digital outputs, MIDI connections, Word clock BNC connections, a Headphone TRS Input jack and a 3-port Gb built-in switch with an additional direct low latency port.
Multiple Tactus. Stage units can be configured in a single system offering scalable, flexible and switched AB configurations.

Features Tactus .Stage

  • 32 XLR microphone/line inputs
  • 16 XLR line outputs
  • Four additional 1/4″ line outputs
  • Mic input accepts a +27 dBu input signal without a pad
  • 66 dB adjustment range in 1 dB steps to maximize dynamic range
  • Gain changes on zero crossing to minimize adjustment noise
  • High performance digitally controlled microphone preamps feature: Low input noise at both high and low gain settings, high slew-rate and very low THD
  • 48V phantom power switchable on every mic input
  • Internal 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch for easy networking
  • Waves SoundGrid Digital audio network protocol
  • Balanced output maximum level switchable between +18 dBu and +24 dBU
  • Headphone output with level control
  • MIDI in and switchable out or thru
  • 4U rack mount package
  • Universal power supply