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Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999. Specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians. Arturia is a team of passionate people dedicated to musicians, dare to create original and different instruments, and imagine new experiences and reinvent products.

Arturia aim at providing musicians with unique means of creation for unforgettable performances. Focusing on innovation, striving to integrate the latest advances in computer music research and technology into our products. The Arturia instruments have gone on to be used in making many hit records and soundtracks.
There are many sought after classic synthesizers which today are either impossible to find or extremely expensive to buy, if you come across one. The solution is TAEĀ® "True Analog Emulation" - Arturia's exclusive technology that accurately reproduces the tone, waveshape, tuning and other detailed characteristics of an analog synthesizer. In addition to this you will find a variety of other unique vintage keyboard instruments in analog Classics. Welcome in.
Arturia has quickly emerged as one of the most innovative developers of synthesizers. Here you will find modern analog classics like Minibrute and its smaller relative Microbrute, together with Origin, a real monster for the creative sound designer.
For creating music with computers, you need a keyboard and other features to control yours music software. Arturia has a great selection covering most needs and situations, whether you work in the studio, on stage, at home, or want to be portable. Of course you can also control other MIDI products with them. You can also find step-sequencers in this category to control your analog synths and connect them with computers and to control other MIDI equipment.
Drum solutions is both a right and a slightly misleading name for this category. Certainly, the Spark is one of the absolutely most versatile drum machines you can find, but also an entire project studio, with all that means in terms of sounds, effects and control possibilities. An endlessly fun and innovative product.
Arturia has quickly emerged as one of the most innovative synthesizer manufacturers. Here you will find the modern analog synths Minibrute and Microbrute that already is regarded as classics, to Origin, a real monster for the driven sound creator.
Behind the category Audio you will find the first series of USB Audio Interfaces from Arturia called Audiofuse. Just click in to learning more about the next generation of audio interfaces! It will be worth it.


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