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Electro Harmonix

Electro Harmonix

Sovtek is a brand of vacuum tube owned by Mike Matthews's New Sensor Corporation and manufactured in Saratov, Russia. Many of the vacuum-tube amplifiers in modern production are factory-fitted with Sovtek valves, due to their low noise performance and lower prices than other makes.

    Next Step is a line of expression-based effects pedals that contain no moving parts & instead utilises the same technology as you would find in a smartphone to ascertain the position of the pedal as you rock it back & forth. The advantages of this are two-fold: firstly, the lack of any moving parts should mean zero maintenance, as well as increased reliability &, secondly, it allows for much smoother, friction-free operation.

    Electro Harmonix addressed the issue of delicacy a couple of years ago by shoe-horning a few single knob effects into some sturdier cases, and marketing them as the Nano line. These have been successful enough to warrant sourcing some larger, equally sturdy die-cast cases and giving some larger box effects the same treatment.

    The EH Classics is a collection of the most sought after Electro Harmonix pedals. Housed in the classic chassis and built in the same way some 40 years ago. If you are looking for the old Big Muff growl or the lush chorus from the Small Clone, you search ends here!



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