Article number 5190187

Electro Harmonix 12AX7-EH

12AX7 vacuum tube.

Ultra-low noise thanks to unique spiral filament which eliminates cathode-to-filament induced hum on certain amps

  • Best all-around choice and best value for 12AX7
  • ECC83/7025 equivalent
  • Many other suppliers use relabeled Electro Harmonix vacuum tubes in their amplifiers
  • Price per piece


Electro Harmonix - Keeping Sound Alive

The Electro-Harmonix company is not only an effects pedal pioneer, but they are the world’s leading manufacturer of vacuum tubes, and their tubes are quite simply the absolute best. They design and manufacture their tubes for high fidelity, reliability and warmth. Next time you retube with EHX, you’ll be getting great sounding tubes at a very reasonable price.