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When one thinks of Dalarna in Sweden, thoughts often fall on ancient Swedish tradition, art & handcraft, Swedish midsummer, and of course Hagstrom. The new acoustic Hagstrom guitars are inspired by Dalarna’s great tradition and handcraft culture, which is something that has always influenced the region where Albin Hagstrom started his company back in 1925. This is the reason the new Hagstrom acoustic series have adopted the names of locations within Dalarna, which uniquely reflects Hagstrom’s tradition and history. These acoustic models being, Siljan, Mora, Elfdalia and Dalarna.

Each model has been developed to produce a unique tone with the help of specially aged, and hand selected woods. These special materials are incorporated into well known and loved designs such as Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium and Concert models. Common to all Hagstrom acoustic models, is the highly unique Resinatorwood fret board material used on both the fret board and the bridges on the new Hagstrom acoustic guitars. An incredibility clear and articulate tone... Resinatorwood actually magnifies the instruments acoustic response which results in an incredibility clear and articulate tone no matter where you play on the fret board, resulting in the Resinatorwood being a sonically superior material for acoustic guitars. Together with Hagstrom’s unique and special materials chosen, the traditional Hagstrom headstock and unique Hagstrom tuners give these guitars a timeless design, as a result of Swedish tradition and contemporary handcraft from the Dalarna region.

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