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In 1958, Swedish-based Hagstrom started manufacturing electric guitars. Their first guitars were covered in sparkle pearloid celluloid, an ingenious use of materials previously used in their accordion production. Over the years Hagstrom expanded their line-up to include hollow body guitars like the Viking and Jimmy, electric basses including the legendary 8 string, and the Hagstrom flagship models Swede and Super Swede. Hagstrom also produced a series of acoustic and classical guitars in the early 70‘s. When Hagstrom ceased production in 1983, the guitars became instant collectors items, and the love and respect for these fine instruments by musicians around the world has never waned.

Since 2004 Hagstrom instruments are once again in production. All new models rely on a unique sourcing and manufacturing concept. Both the raw materials and parts for this new series come from first rate suppliers and are assembled to create genuine Hagstrom guitars, with tone and quality being top priority. The result is a range of stunning instruments that look and sound almost identical to the originals.

Hagstrom guitars are legendary among guitarists because of their playability, beauty and durability. This new family of Hagstrom guitars builds on that reputation with the use of several unique innovations in materials and manufacturing techniques that bring Hagstrom boldly into the 21st century.

Fantomen (Swedish for “The Phantom”) transports Hagstrom’s legendary playability and technical excellence into a new, edgier realm. We started with an elegantly asymmetrical solid-mahogany body to which we have joined a mahogany neck using our classic mortise-and-tenon neck joint system.

Of course, since it’s a Hagstrom, the Fantomen uses our H-Expander® truss rod and Resinator® fingerboard, providing the ultimate in playing surface stability and optimal tonal enhancement. Together these components create an incredibly stable, resonant and responsive sonic foundation.

The Hagstrom Super Swede has been considered one of Hagstrom's flagship models, since it was first introduced to the world back in the late 1970's.

Each Super Swede is crafted using a mahogany body, maple top, and set mahogany neck. The Super Swedes 25.5" scale length, provides a brighter tone and longer sustain which makes a wonderful instrument for players looking for more flexibility than any single cut guitar can offer. The Super Swede naturally features Hagstroms own renowned H-Expander Truss rod providing an ultimately stable neck that will not warp or twist, and also being topped with Hagstroms own Resinator Fret board material for increased sustain and even tone throughout the entire fret board.

The Hagstrom Classic - A nice beefy tone, with a powerful attack.

When production stopped in 1983, Hagstrom guitars became instant collectors items. The Swede electric guitar is one of the most cherished models, reborn with a mahogany body, carved mahogany top, set mahogany neck, bound Resinator fretboard, and 2 Hagstrom Custom '58 humbuckers for the classic tone that made Hagstrom famous. Hagstrom's patented H-Expander truss rod prevents twisting as well as warpage. 5-ply top binding, pearl block inlays, and chrome hardware provide sharp visuals.

Impressive - Fantastic tone, perfect balance and dressed to kill. The best of both worlds, the fusion of Vintage and Modern.

The All-Rounder...

... it covers all genres, from blues to rock/fusion, jazz - and back. Vikings took no prisoners and neither will this versatile and elegant instrument.

An excellent jazz guitar is still an indisputable benchmark of fine guitar craftsmanship. Every inch of these models portrays the master's genius. Thank you "Jimmy".

The meaning of RetroScape is a landscape or setting filled with a rich history.

Hagstrom’s RetroScape Series consist of authentically recreated guitars from the rich landscape of our history. Our mission is to bring modern playability to these great designs without compromising any of the badass-retro-vibe coolness that they offer to any guitarist who wants to break away from the current crowd by reaching back in time…

Pat Smear of the world acclaimed Foo Fighters, needed a guitar with plenty of sustain and attack, to generate a tone that was explosive enough to compliment one of Rock music’s biggest bands in music today. Through Pat’s careful direction of combining his own favorite classic and modern Hagstrom models, Pat Smear and Hagstrom guitars proudly present the Hagstrom “Pat Smear” Signature guitar.

The Pat Smear Signature is built on a mahogany body and set neck, capped with a maple top, which is the basis for its rich, complex and exciting tone. The special design is a custom hybrid of a classic 1970’s Hagstrom model “H-IIN-OT” and the modern day “F-200”. Pat chose the Hagstrom “Custom 58” pickups to specifically voice this versatile instrument in order to produce a steady and solid tone.

Each guitar is built by the exact same machines, people, materials and specifications that went into each of Pat’s own personal guitars, which are the essential building blocks that guarantee guitarists that no corners have been cut to produce this unique instrument. What you get is what Pat demanded. Guitarists are promised the exact same instrument that has graced many of the biggest stages around the world. Pat demanded a “Workhorse” that would never let him down, where this guitar will proveto “Hold its own”, even through intensive touring, just as Pat can verify through his performances throughout the world. You are guaranteed that any Pat Smear Signature model available at your favorite local Hagstrom dealer is “fit for fight” and is built according to Pat’s exact specifications.

When one thinks of Dalarna in Sweden, thoughts often fall on ancient Swedish tradition, art & handcraft, Swedish midsummer, and of course Hagstrom. The new acoustic Hagstrom guitars are inspired by Dalarna’s great tradition and handcraft culture, which is something that has always influenced the region where Albin Hagstrom started his company back in 1925. This is the reason the new Hagstrom acoustic series have adopted the names of locations within Dalarna, which uniquely reflects Hagstrom’s tradition and history. These acoustic models being, Siljan, Mora, Elfdalia and Dalarna.

Each model has been developed to produce a unique tone with the help of specially aged, and hand selected woods. These special materials are incorporated into well known and loved designs such as Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium and Concert models. Common to all Hagstrom acoustic models, is the highly unique Resinatorwood fret board material used on both the fret board and the bridges on the new Hagstrom acoustic guitars. An incredibility clear and articulate tone... Resinatorwood actually magnifies the instruments acoustic response which results in an incredibility clear and articulate tone no matter where you play on the fret board, resulting in the Resinatorwood being a sonically superior material for acoustic guitars. Together with Hagstrom’s unique and special materials chosen, the traditional Hagstrom headstock and unique Hagstrom tuners give these guitars a timeless design, as a result of Swedish tradition and contemporary handcraft from the Dalarna region.

Hagstrom basses are based on two different series, these being the Vintage, and Northen series. Each series has been specially developed to offer a truly unique instrument, to cater to a multitude of different players and playing styles. At the top of the list heads the stunning European made Northen Series bass, takes a Hagstrom classic into focus, bringing forth a one of the worlds most coveted and captivating basses. The Vintage series basses (H and Viking® basses) have been specially created by examining Hagstroms classic repertoire of bass models from the past, where the tone and playability has been taken into serious consideration to bring these renowned classics back to the world.

Hagstrom hardshell cases are manufactured using high grade plywood featuring heavy duty gold plated latches, a comfortable ergonomically soft handle, and a deep plush protective lining reducing interior movement. The case exterior is made of durable Tolex in a vintage tan tone, gracefully branded with the Hagstrom logo. Seams are enforced with heavy brown stitching, featuring tasteful leatherette stitched sides.

Hagbags are designed specifically to snuggly fit all Hagstrom models. A unique B-Wave assembly incorporated into the lower body section provides superior protection and the Hagbag is lighter and less bulky than conventional gig bags.



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