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Electro Harmonix Nano Pulsar - Stereo Tremolo

Electro Harmonix Pulsar - takes the tremolo effect beyond the ordinary.

Electro Harmonix Nano Stereo Pulsar

The Nano Pulsar takes tremolo beyond the ordinary and mundane. This pedal got a collection of tremolo-moldulation wave forms including Triangle and Square Wave as well as many other great features that will improve your sound

In mono, it’s simply amazing, or, connect it in stereo to create shifting waves of sound that surround you and fill your space with weaving, pulsating energy.

For all its power, the Nano Pulsar’s layout is intuitive and using it is easy. There’s often a perceived volume drop with tremolo when the effect is engaged so we’ve included a Volume control. It allows a player to fine-tune their output level when the effect is on, and is a very useful addition. The Nano Pulsar’s Depth knob adjusts the amount of tremolo applied to the signal. Past maximum (around 1 o’clock) the modulation becomes asymmetric and warps the audio signal between positive and negative phase. This creates a unique style of tremolo which sounds great alone or can be used in combination with other effects like the Oceans 11’s Shimmer patch to produce compelling synth-like sounds and textures.

The Rate knob provides a full range of speed adjustments for the tremolo or pan effect, and when you start to max out the Rate and Depth controls you enter ring modulation territory for a surreal sonic joyride! Unlock a world of advanced sound shaping and control. Create tremolo and panning effects that go from sublimely beautiful to downright shocking. The compact Nano Pulsar will be your do-it-all, go to pedal for all things tremolo and panning.

  • Analogue Circuts
  • Mono- or Stereo operation
  • Triangle or Square Wave Mode
  • LED indicates the pulse of tremolo
  • Buffered Bypass
  • Battery included
  • Optional: 9 Volt DC power adapter
  • Measurements: 11,25 cm x 6,99 x 5,34