Swede & Super Swede Models

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The next generation of the classic icons, Swede and Super Swedes!

The Swede with a short scale length of 24.75 inches (628mm) produces a thick and warm tone that is both articulate and harmonically rich. Its lower string tension allows for longer sustain, providing an expressive and versatile tone. The equipped Lundgren Design No. 2 AlNiCo-2 pickups are each specially calibrated to capture the natural, balanced tone of the instrument. With their clear and well-defined distinction, these pickups allow the soulful character of the Swede to shine through. 

The Super Swede with its longer scale length of 25.5 inches (648mm), delivers a snappy and focused tone that features a well-defined low-end presence. Its higher string tension delivers a clear and articulate tone, well balanced and evenly defined. The Lundgren Design No. 2 pickup in the neck position and No. 5 pickup in the bridge position were carefully paired to deliver a wide diversity of tonal options. The AlNiCo-2 neck pickup produces warm and clear tones, while the AlNiCo-5 bridge pickup delivers a powerful and articulate tone. Combined together, they provide a perfect balance of expression and clarity that allows the Super Swede's natural tone to transpire.