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Hagstrom Super Swede Mk3 XSOP

The next generation of the iconic Hagstrom Super Swede model.

Hagstrom Super Swede MkIII X-tra Special Old Pale - Electric Guitar

Reimagined. Redefined. Recreated. Reborn.

This Super Swede-model was initially called Swede Deluxe but was renamed after a review in a British Guitar magazine that declared it was a “Super Swede”.

The foundation of the Super Swede is the combination of the 25.5” scale and a singlecut mahogany body with a maple top. The new generation of Super Swedes is keeping this legacy alive. In the process of developing the next generation of Super Swedes the Hagstrom-team has put all their effort finding ways to improve the instrument without loosing the Hagstrom soul and cosmectics. The body is made of 2 pieces of mahogany that goes together with a 3/4” maple top that is enriched with a with a maple veneer of the highest grading.

To get all of the tone out of this beauty the Hagstrom-team reached out to Lundgren Pickups to find humbuckers that delivers the true tone of the actual instrument. The choice became Lundgren Pickups AlNiCo No2 in bridge position and No5 in neck position. These Lundgren Design AlNiCo pickups are splitable which gives further possibilities to get all the tones out of the Swede in any situation. To make it easier to to catch those really high notes in an easy way Hagstrom did design a new recessed neck joint. This new design allows better access to the highest frets in a really comfortable way which makes it easier to play. The new Hagstrom tuners does share the classic Hagstrom aesthetics but are lockable which helps the guitar to stay in tune in a better way also under the more extreme circumstances. In guitar design many things are left as they are since “it has always been that way”, this is something that Hagstrom was not pleased about. They looked closely at what could be improved and the result became a voluted headstock joint to add support and strength to this critical area of the headstock.

Along with the instrument comes a classic sturdy tweed case to protect you instrument during transportation, to the studio, to the rehearsal room and the big stage.

Hagstrom Super Swede MkIII - X-tra Special Old Pale:

  • Finish: X-tra Special Old Pale (XSOP)
  • 2 pce Mahogany, Maple Top with Top Grade Flame Maple Veener
  • Mahogany Neck With Resinator Fretboard
  • Nape-Tenon Recessed Neck Joint
  • Volute Headstock Reinforcement with Additional Internal Reinforcements
  • 22 Stainless Steel Frets
  • 25.5 Scale, 14.4" Radius
  • Dual Action H-Expander Trussrod
  • GrapTech Black Tusq XL Nut
  • 43 mm Nut Width
  • Lundgren Design AlNiCo-5 No5 (neck), Lundgren Design AlNiCo-2 No2 (bridge) Humbuckers, Splitable
  • 2 Volume Controls and 2 Tone Controls with Push-Pull Coil Splits
  • 3-Way Selector Switch
  • Hagstrom Lockable Tuners, 19:1 Ratio
  • Hagstrom Case C51 Included